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The Story of

The Modern Kitchen

The Modern Kitchen’s pizza truck has been a sensation all over Cyprus since the launch in 2019. This inspired the founders to open a permanent restaurant in the heart of Limassol’s Old Town. 


The concept is simple and luscious: sourcing the finest ingredients - locally and from all over the world, - and mixing them in unusual and delicious combinations on top of freshly prepared and perfected chef’s crispy pizza dough. Custom made to the chef’s particular requirements, the state of the art stone oven finishes the job beautifully in just over 20 seconds.


Our head chef @billythecook travelled the world exploring ingredients, recipes and cooking techniques from various parts of the world, cultures and traditions. For the Modern Kitchen Billy combines this vast knowledge and his untamed creativity to create a fabulously unique pizza experience. 


Pastourma, Sheftalia, Chorizo, Truffle Mortadella, Jamon Iberico de Bellota, Caviar, the freshest local farmers’ vegetables and vegan cheese - these are just a few of the chef’s special choices. The chef believes that pizza is an ideal way to showcase quality products of a particular country - and he has certainly created a truly cosmopolitan, unique gastronomical experience that would please the most refined foodie and suit most particular nutritional requirements. 


To match the unique flavour combinations of our pizzas, we created a condensed but brilliant wine list. 


The Modern Kitchen’s space boasts a cutting edge contemporary, unique and clever interior design with a super cozy feel and fantastic atmosphere. With just one long table inside, it’s perfect for an afternoon corporate lunch or an atmospheric evening with friends. Tables outside cleverly use the pavement poles - and add to the busy ambiance of Limassol. 

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From the Press


“Pizza is one of the most popular fast foods. But when given a creative spin, it can transform into an extraordinary gastronomic experience, offering more than just a delicious take out meal.”


Kirsten H, Blogger - Reviews on Rhyme

“- Three gals, on a vibe, we be bitchin Rolled up to meet a glass of rosé at Modern Kitchen Mushrooms for a pizza In the kitchen are choppin, Hoppin tunes on rotation Beats they be boppin We feelin' the mood for carbs and giggle juice, Billy and the boys with their dough, let loose New kids on the block this is how they roll, We girls know it's the heart to your Lima-SSOUL Thank you for a delicious and fun time out, Modern Kitchen! We'd return for some 10/10 pizza, rosé and rapping whenever we find ourselves again in ya 'hood.”


Kate W, blogger

“Like an oasis in the desert, it was our saviour in our moment of need. A quenching glass of rose on arrival, served by a handsome man in shimmering shades of pink. The pizza was second to none, the mushroom and aubergine were a class act and sauces were the perfect accompaniment. Never fear the hot sauce! Modern vibes with great tunes. Billy makes a fierce pizza.”

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